Here is our glossary of questions and terms related to all aspects of websites.
The questions and terms begin with the most basic, and then they gradually become more difficult.

  1. What is needed for a website ?
    A website is made of three elements: a domain name, web hosting, and files (text, images, videos) that are uploaded to the web hosting space.
  2. What is a domain name ?
    A domain name is your “address” on the Internet: it is the way people can find your website. The domain name is typed into a web browser, or somebody clicks a link: these are 2 ways your domain name is used to get to a website.
    Here are 4 examples of domain names:
  3. What is web hosting ?
    A website needs files with words, and usually in addition to words there are images, and there may also be audio files and videos. These files need a place to be stored and accessed. That is web hosting: it is a space on a computer drive that holds your website, and allows other persons to visit your website.
  4. What does it mean to refresh your web browser ?
    Your website manager has just told you that he updated your home page, but you do not see the changes. What happened? … You need to refresh your web browser. Your web browser (for example: Google Chrome, or Safari) tries to do you a favor by responding faster to web pages that you often visit. So it keeps these pages in a cache, for fast viewing. When you refresh the web browser you see the latest version of the web page.
  5. How do I refresh my web browser ?
    On most web browsers, the refresh button is shaped like a circular arrow, and it is located on the top bar, near the browser’s address bar. Just click it to refresh. For more information about refreshing the browser:
    1. How to Force Refresh Your Internet Browser.
    2. Why and How to Refresh
  6. What is domain name forwarding ?
  7. What is Search Engine Indexing ?
    Read all about it here: How Search Engine Indexing Works …
  8. What is WordPress ? … What is the difference between and ?
  9. What are the different types of Web Hosting ?
    a. Free web hosting
    b. Shared web hosting
    c. VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting
    d. Dedicated Server web hosting
    e. Cloud web hosting
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